Bicycle parking has been the common thread in my work for more than 35 years.
Being the designer/owner of Netherlands’ most successful bicycle stand ‘Tulip’, introduced in 1995 and sold more then 500.000 times. The same applies to the ‘Bicycle shelters and Lockers’ that have been installed at all Dutch public transport stations since 1999 and the first automated bicycle parking system ‘Lock N Go’, developed in 2008. In 2010 I developed Netherlands’ first web-based bicycle sharing system for regular bicycles and founded ‘Calllock Bike-Sharing’. In 2016 I did the same under the name ‘MoByShare’ for e-mobility vehicles equipped with smart locks. In between, I was involved in the design of double-layer bicycle racks installed at train stations all over Europe.

Meanwhile, the bicycles, the cyclists and their needs have changed!

Due to the Corona pandemic and the energy crisis cycling has become extremely popular. Today’s cyclists often use expensive (electric-) bicycles, with wide handlebars fat tires and many accessories, that do not fit in the conventional bicycle parking facilities. Here lies an enormous challenge!

Many countries approached the Dutch Cycling Embassy to be inspired in the field of bicycle mobility and bicycle parking.
Giving many presentations about bicycle parking to various international trade missions led to the establishment of the Dutch Bike Parking Academy in 2021.
Providing information, advice and workshops in the field of bicycle parking based on 35 years of practical experience in the field!

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